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  • In CatCafeMiysis ,Cats experienced a variety of living environment (Abandoned,Not taking care and more)

  • Cash only (we'll explain where is ATM if you want)

  • All pack are included in one cup, free

  • Consumption tax is included in below prices

  • Some cats want you to become new owners.

  • If you want , you can become owner after some interviews here.(maybe ask about your family and house)

  • Click this if you have questions.


Every Wednesday.

(we'll open  if Wednesday is a holiday ) 




miysis sistem  ミーシスシステム


  • All customers are required to read this Agreement before using the service provided by us.

  • You have to enter this café with your shoes off.  Relax yourself without shoes as cats do.

  • You can use lockers for storing your personal belongings.  Take care not to lose the key.

  • You have to wash your hands before and after you enter the cat room in case of unexpected infection.

  • In case of unexpected injury or allergy, we provide first aid but we cannot answer for and pay for the injury or allergy..

  • If you are allergic, you must take into consideration your health enough in the café.

  • You cannot take your pets into the café.  We offer the service to only Homo sapiens

  • When you take toys for the cats with you, you have to show them to our staff.  Some toys are not allowed here.

  • You are not allowed to take and use silvervine [powder] (or matatabi※Catnip) against the cats.

  • To protect the cats, there will be no flash photography.

  • Stop hugging if cats want.

  • You must not provide food or drink for cats, however much they want.

  • When you are causing trouble to the cats, we caution you about it.

  • Children under thirteen are not allowed to enter on their own.

For parents coming with kids

  • Take care your children Don’t run after, and catch the cats.  And Don’t make a loud noise. And something annoying the cats and other customers.

  • Watch your children enough in the café.

  • In case of your children’s unexpected allergy or injury, you have to take care of them and we can’t answer for it except providing first aid.

  • When you are not observing the regulations, you must obey our directions.

  • Those who observe the regulations above can only enter the café.

Thank you for your cooperation to keep everyone comfortable.


Phone number: 81-045-325-7166

Address: 6-99 ”Hello-isezaki Bld.2F, Chojamachi,   Naka-ku Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, 231-0033, Japan


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